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Thursday’s Child

I’m still suffering from the after effects of Homecoming. I have a severely pained throat – which I blame entirely on screaming the lyrics to ‘wrecking ball’ and I’m still mentally scarred from the things that I whitnessed (too many hormones in one room). Although I did manage to significantly scare my family on saturday night. I popped home before the dance to change into my vans before the dance, I dont do heels – I can’t run, skip or walk in them, so I left my shoes on the kitchen floor. So, my mother comes home from dinner out with the family, sees my shoes and immediately assumes the worst; that I have taken my own life (I kid you not). She then proceeded to check every single room in the abode, with the whole family in tow, in fear I was hanging from a ceiling fan. I think the Americas have changed her more than they have changed me.

Rehearsals are still as fun as ever. I find myself counting down the hours to them everyday, it’s not like i’m keen or anything. The words that they use to describe stuff in drama are weird here too. For example; today the singing teacher told this guy that his character was more ‘Spunky’. I was taken completely by surprise and fell over in giggles. No-one else found this nearly as amusing as I did. Apparently this is normal vocabulary for Americans?! I’ve also been the subject of ridicule this week for calling the ‘back yard’ a ‘garden’. This Americans with their spangled phrases. Lessons in this country are equally as odd. For example; today I spent one and a half hours standing in a stream. I don’t really mind though. Appart from the fact that I was wearing size 7 wellies and had a coughing fit mid-stream which resulted in me almost falling on my bum. My illness/cold/flu/death bug has deeply effected my daily life this week. I’m almost 97% sure that I have the actual plague.

So tonight I descovered that improv is not my forte, sadly it was in front of an audience that I made this descovery. An audience that I don’t really whish to see again for a while, but apparently it’s ‘necessary’ that I return to school tomorrow morning. My drama class held our own improvisation show tonight (think, ‘who’s line is it anyway’ but less rude with questionable acting). In order to raise money for the trip to Scotland next summer. It was really fun and I had a nice evening – appart from when I was on stage trying my hardest not to cringe.

I spend my time here trying to accomplish small goals. For example; today marks 7 days without crying. An achievement which my mother and I celebrated this evening with Pizza and ice-cream. I know it’s only a small time but it’s the longest I’ve managed in the last two months. I have also reduced my netflix dependance 10 fold. I’m slowly getting there, as my Dad puts it ‘you dont eat the chocolate all in one go or you’ll be sick, so you have to take it one piece at a time’. 



Boy, do I have have a lot to tell you about this weekend! I am pretty sure that I can say that this weekend has been my best in Ohio so far, just because of the amount of stuff I did and fun I had. This has also been there first time where I’ve felt like I have actual friends here and I can’t even begin to explain how happy that makes me. 

So, on friday night it was the Homecoming parade and game. They have a parade to show off extra-curricular activities and clubs in school and also for the Homecoming Court to arrive in. (Homecoming court is those who have been nominated to be Homecoming King or Queen). I was in the parade representing the drama department and I stood on a trailer behind a van with the cast and sung ‘we’re in the money’ 7 times in a row. It was fun, but god did that song get on my nerves. We smiled, waved, sung, bopped and looked generally amused whilst being pulled a long at 3 miles per hour. I enjoyed it as it was a reason to see the cast again on a day when I usually wouldn’t have.

After the parade I stayed at the stadium so that I could ‘watch’ the game. Before the game began they announced the Homecoming King and Queen. I have no idea who they are but she looked incredible and had amazing shoes. Mum and Hamish decided to come to the game as they’d never been to one before and they were generally amused by the whole thing as far as I can tell. Lorna found her friend there and had a great time, she end up staying there later than the rest of us! I stayed mainly with my drama/dance frinds as they are just too funny not to be around.

On saturday morning I had school play rehearsal. This time we learnt the most complex sequence of tapping steps I have ever experienced in my existance. I honestly have no idea how i am going to master this dance, it is rediculous, even the experienced tappers are having difficulty, but i’ll have to master it or i’ll end up looking a complete imbicile on the stage if i’m doing it wrong.

In the afternoon I got ready for the dance and then went over to my friend Hannah’s house. It turns out that this whole Homecoming thing is really really formal. Her parents were dressed smartly and took pictures of us both and of her with her sisters. Then we went to CJ’s house and met up with Megan the other guys in our group and we took even more photos in his garden. It was trying to rain but we survived. It was really sweet seeing everyone all dressed up smartly, like prom all over again. After all the photos were taken and all the parents had left we went and got food. The resturant was full of people going to Homecoming and so everyone was dressed really fancy. After foods the girls and I went home and changed shoes (I suck at walking in heels) then we went back to the school and met the othes there.

The dance was different to how I had expected it. It was ‘under the sea’ themed and so they had put up blue dolphins and bunting and stuff everywhere. It was a lot like a year 7 school disco but with more questionable dance moves (Think ‘Batchwood’ times 10). It was still a fun evening though. I realised that I actually knew far more people than I expected. It was really weird as I had spoken to so many people, I just hadn’t realised it. It was reassuring though as I never got lost because I always found someone I knew pretty swiftly. I spent sometime with my drama friends, sometime with the people I came with, sometime with the people I sit with at lunch. It was a laugh.

After the dance was over and eveyone was leaving my friend Parker offered to take me home. We originally intended on going home but instead we decided we should go to the after party at his friends house. So we went there and her house was HUGE and they’d layed out a full buffet with pizza and grapes and chocolate covered strawberrys and everything. But most importantly they had those American red plastic cups that you always see during the houseparty scenes in films, I made a beeline straight for the lemonade just because I wanted to use the cups. I know that it was sad but I was internally screaming with excitement. Admittedly, the afterparty itself was rubbish as the music was quiet and everyone was tired but I could not have cared less because I had a red cup in my hand and was forfilling a lifelong dream.  


If Wednesday’s aren’t your favourite day of the week then you are wrong. They are the best. I get to lie in for an hour longer than usual, I only have to go to three lessons and one of them is drama. There is nothing quite like a Wednesday. And, as it was ‘superflex’ today, it meant I could go anywhere on campus during my lunch period, so I spent the whole thing in the drama department with the other drama people. They’re all nice, weird and funny and I feel like I can be my-not-entirely-normal-mad-sock-wearing-self around them if you catch my drift.

I’ve finally decided (after much debate) to go to Homecoming! Hannah said I could go with her and her friends this saturday and I’m so excited. I get to do a proper American dance with freinds and wear a dress and do my hair and just do the whole prom thing again and I can’t wait! The whole thing here seems to be so much more formal here that at home. The whole ordeal must start about 1pm in order to get everything in! So first you get ready hair make up etc, then you go out for dinner as a group, then you go back to someones house and take your ‘homecoming photos’ and then you go to the dance. Then, if your lucky, someone will throw an afterparty. It’s so much effort for one evening but I’m well up for it and am becoming increasingly keen.

Rehearsal is still as fun as ever, but I swear if i have to hear another song from ’42nd street’ i might have to kill some one. There are only so many renditions of ‘lullaby of broadway’ that one can handle. But in rehearsal today I did spend an hour and a half of my life standing in a line, down the centre of the stage, for no exact rason. But nevertheless, I give my hours over to this production. It’s going to be so good when it’s done but currently it’s still at that car-crash-rehearsal stage.

If any of you want to know more about it here, or what I’m up to, or if the rumours about America are true etc. feel free to drop me a question and I will answer it in my next post. It feels a bit odd here whittering to myself, so if there’s anything you want to know more about please ask, as I don’t want this to be too much of a dull read!  

Groundhog Day

Sorry for being almost entirely useless this week. It’s been hectic and tireing with little time spare to update you all. Nevertheless, I soldier on and here I am to describe another week of my life in the land of the free.   

After finally deciding that I could live here, I’ve had a monotonous week of living. School, rehearsal, tea, homework, tea, sleep, repeat. But working on the school play is so much fun and I honestly don’t know where I would be without it! It takes up so much of my time but I’m loving every minute of it. Even though it’s only been a week of rehearsals, I feel like I know most of the cast already as we spend so much time together. Hopefully it is going to be a great show, we’re performing in the local theatre which is HUGE, bigger than the Alban Arena and we’re having full size set being built. It’s going to be incredible!

In an odd way this has been one of my hardest weeks, I can’t quite put my finger on why, but I’ve found myself missing home a lot. Seeing all your little smiling faces on a daily basis and the general moan-y Britishness of home. The strange thing is at the same time I love it here. I know that it makes zero sense but I absolutely love New Albany and everything that goes with it whilst I hate not being at home. I know I’ll get used to everything soon enough though and it’s less than 3 months until I come home!    

Mum and I have spotted a little animal that lives at the end of our garden and is about the size of a raccoon/beaver/small dog. It’s so cute and just chills on the drive way then waddles off to the creek when he sees us. Today I saw him sunbathing on a log. This evening we were at a resturant and were discussing said mammal when our waitress said it was probably a groundhog. So i googled it and she was right! As a family we have now adopted the groundhog at the bottom of the garden and christened him Gunter. Gunter the Groundhog.  

This week at school is ‘peace week’ in the lead up to ‘Homecoming’. I have absolutely no idea what either of these things are which is slightly worrying as I’m supposed to be taking part in them. What exactly are we supposed to be ‘coming home’ from? and why does this require us to be ‘peaceful’? and how does dressing in house colours tomorrow aid to this ‘peace’? America baffles me… What I have gathered though is that it’s fancy dress everyday this week, that there is an important football game on friday and a ‘school dance’ on saturday night. So hopefully this week should provide some entertainment!