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I finally saw Gunther raise his little head yesterday from his little groundhog house at the end of my “back yard”. As he waddled – at speed – away from me I came to realise that it has been quite some time since I last posted on this little site of mine. So here I am. Back from my winter hibernation. Back once again to tell you the trials and tribulations of being a Brit abroad.

I’m going to try to recap the past few months in a few sentences. It has all been a bit of blur, the school play ended and was definitely my favourite thing i’ve done whilst living here. It was honestly the funniest experience, if the most tireing, of my life. We celebrated our first “Thanks giving”, well attempted to, it’s like christmas but without presants (family, fun and tonnes of turkey). Over the holidays all of the houses were covered in christmas lights. It was like living in that street from the ‘home alone’ films, quite cool. Coming home for christmas was so nice and reminded me just why I love Britain so much, even if it did rain 4 out of the 7 days I was there. When we returned back to Ohio it was like traveling back to the middle of siberia. The cold was real. really real. -40 degrees real. They called it the “Polar Vortex”, which sounds more like a power up on crash-bandicoot for PS2 than a weather system.

The amount of snow fall this year has been crazy, I didn’t have a full week of school this year until last week because of the adverse weather conditions. Each time the snow falls we have to shovel it off our drive way and pavement by ‘law’. Needless to say, I am now a shovelling expert. Well almost. It took mum and I 6 hours to remove it all one time. The next time we payed two of my friends to do it and they took 20 minutes… obviously they’ve been practicing since birth and they must have had better shovels. Apparently this has been abnormally snowy winter, I think I’ve heard the words “this winter’s unusually cold” over the past six weeks almost as much as i heard “Columbus has a super great zoo” in the run up to moving. However, the hellish weather is put to good use in the form of skiing. Ohio skiing is not much like any other skiing I’ve done, especially as ohio is notoriously flat. Our local ski resort is called “Mad River Mountain” which is odd as it is not particularly mad, there is no river and no mountain (it’s more of a glorified snowy bump). But it’s good for a day trip and is far better than the snow dome in Hemel, even if it’s not as steep.

Hamish is still up to his usual lady killing antics, mum caught him looking suspicious on the ipad the other day and asked him what he was up to. He wouldn’t explain and so mum took the tablet from him, when she opened it she saw a google image page full of BBQ’s, confused she looked at what had been looked up. In the search box it said “hot grils”, Hamish had attempted to google image “hot girls” but got the spelling quite wrong and was instead left with a page of fiery outdoor cookers. Valentines day over here was quite something else for him. He had to decorate a bag with valentines things on to collect all his cards in for school. Each child in his class then gave a card with sweets to everyone else. we found this all very weird as he returned home with a bag brim full of cards from both boys and girls. My notorious hatred for valentines day lived on as I dodged couples in the hallways, going to a mixed school has it’s perks but valentines isn’t one of them.

The novelty of going to an American school still hasn’t worn off yet. I still have to pinch myself to remind me that it’s all real, that I am in a lesson called “Algebra 2” not maths and that those jackets that “jocks” wear in films are real.  And although I wish I could be back home again with everyone I do really enjoy living here. The friends I’ve made here have really help me settle down and i know that I’ll keep them forever. I still continue to throughly embarrass myself on a daily basis, I don’t think that that will change anytime soon, but now that I’m back blogging you can all laugh at me from the other side of the atlantic again. 


Groundhog Day

Sorry for being almost entirely useless this week. It’s been hectic and tireing with little time spare to update you all. Nevertheless, I soldier on and here I am to describe another week of my life in the land of the free.   

After finally deciding that I could live here, I’ve had a monotonous week of living. School, rehearsal, tea, homework, tea, sleep, repeat. But working on the school play is so much fun and I honestly don’t know where I would be without it! It takes up so much of my time but I’m loving every minute of it. Even though it’s only been a week of rehearsals, I feel like I know most of the cast already as we spend so much time together. Hopefully it is going to be a great show, we’re performing in the local theatre which is HUGE, bigger than the Alban Arena and we’re having full size set being built. It’s going to be incredible!

In an odd way this has been one of my hardest weeks, I can’t quite put my finger on why, but I’ve found myself missing home a lot. Seeing all your little smiling faces on a daily basis and the general moan-y Britishness of home. The strange thing is at the same time I love it here. I know that it makes zero sense but I absolutely love New Albany and everything that goes with it whilst I hate not being at home. I know I’ll get used to everything soon enough though and it’s less than 3 months until I come home!    

Mum and I have spotted a little animal that lives at the end of our garden and is about the size of a raccoon/beaver/small dog. It’s so cute and just chills on the drive way then waddles off to the creek when he sees us. Today I saw him sunbathing on a log. This evening we were at a resturant and were discussing said mammal when our waitress said it was probably a groundhog. So i googled it and she was right! As a family we have now adopted the groundhog at the bottom of the garden and christened him Gunter. Gunter the Groundhog.  

This week at school is ‘peace week’ in the lead up to ‘Homecoming’. I have absolutely no idea what either of these things are which is slightly worrying as I’m supposed to be taking part in them. What exactly are we supposed to be ‘coming home’ from? and why does this require us to be ‘peaceful’? and how does dressing in house colours tomorrow aid to this ‘peace’? America baffles me… What I have gathered though is that it’s fancy dress everyday this week, that there is an important football game on friday and a ‘school dance’ on saturday night. So hopefully this week should provide some entertainment!