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does this car run on milk?

I am home again and I have returned to winter. I think that Autumn must have been the weekend that I was away as I have returned to full scale winter weather. I have been home for three days and it has snowed on two of those. Snow in October, I kid you not. It was -1 at the bus stop yestarday, I was not amused. The clothes that people wear have not changed though, most of the guys in school are still wearing shorts(?!) and everyone just wears jumpers. How they manage to cope without coats I do not understand. 

The American sense of humour is very different to the British, as mum and I descovered in rather unusual circumstances today. So,  my plague/cough/general unwellness is still in full force so today mum and I finally managed to go to the doctors to try and fix me. Now, mum and I aren’t very good at being serious when we’re together at the best of times, but for some reason medical professionals seem to bring out an extremely odd side of us both. It all started with the manditory check up questions: do you smoke? drink? etc. to which I answered both and then she went ‘do you ever feel low, depressed, with feelings of suicide, cry?’ to which both mum and I looked at eachother raised our eyebrows and started laughing knowing full well that I haven’t been doing that well lately, the nurse gave us the oddest look and i responded ‘no, well at least not clinically’ mid-giggle (she wasn’t particularly impressed to say the least). She left pretty promptly after this, as mum and I tried to supress our laughter the doctor came in. He asked me about my brain stuff and how it had been since the operation and in a moment of awkward-confusion I responded ‘well, well not well, as well as you can be with a hole in your skull’. He gave me the oddest look and i collapsed in to laughter as did mum. He then proceded to check my breathing and half way through listening to my lungs he went ‘have you had ankle swelling with this cough?’. Now, i don’t know about you but my ankles don’t usually swell when i have a lung infection. lungs and ankles don’t really go hand in hand in my mind, but evidently they do in ohio. This only made mum giggle further and then it didn’t help that the next thing he said was ‘and have you any nodes?’. In the end came out with tears streaming down my face laughing at it all.   

Hamish has also been a treasure trove of class comments too. The other day he asked ‘mummy, did god actually save the Queen?’ which lead to a rather amusing conversation. Then yestarday when we were driving to the dance studio with my friend he asked ‘mummy, does this car run on milk?’. He’s a funny little chap. He’s got a girlfriend now, her name is Clair and he talks about her a lot. Mum finds this hole thing highly amusing, as does Lorna, as Hamish is 7 and has been in more relationships than I have and i’m 17. Hamish’s education is quite a bit different here too, today he was taught how to help a girl up from her seat, this was very sweet as he was paired with Clair. Although, when he got home he did ask ‘mummy, how come I had to help Clair up but she didn’t help me?’

42nd Street is still as fun as ever, being on the cast is so fun and I’m loving it just as much as I was at the start. Today, however, they gave us an assignment. They want us to write 5 post cards to people to personally invite them to come and see the show. Now, this is fine when you have local family and actual friends but when your family and friends are on a different contenant and all of your friends here are on the cast it does present some slight issues…

Speaking of home I’ve missed it a lot this week. I’ve missed my friends a lot, I haven’t seen them in such a long time and I don’t feel like I’m being the dependable friend that I should be as I’m not there when they need me.  I know that they’re only on the other end of the phone but it’s not the same when your not in the same room and you have to schedule calls between rehearsals. So much has changed at home since I left that I don’t really know what to expect when I go back. I’m so excited for Christmas now, to see everyone again, and the snow this week makes it feel so soon. Only 56 days, 23 hours and 36 minuites until hometime!


Be careful what you wish for

This weekend we turned American and put vegetables on our doorstep. Yes, we have four rather lurid orange pumpkins sitting outside our front door to match the rest of the street. The Americans get really into the whole ‘Autumn’ thing here and the houses are dressed up for ‘fall’ almost as much as we would decorate ours for christmas. There are pumpkins and browny-red leaves hanging from everywhere. I don’t really understand why, but we decided to embrace it anyway.

So, this weekend I haven’t really done anything noteworthy to be honest. On friday we went out for dinner as a family then after My friends Hannah and Austin picked me up and we went to Ben’s house. We watched a film and just chilled in his basement. He has built a skate ramp in his basement. Like a mini half-pipe in his house. It was cool. I had a go and fell over about 7 times. I’m not the best at skateboarding, evidently.

Saturday was another day full of rehearsals. I seem to spend hours on end in that theatre at the moment. I’m not complaining, but it is long. I also seem to be frequenting starbucks far more than is healthy at the moment, mainly because it is so close to school (and I like chai a lot). I even went pre-rehearsal this weekend and somehow it resulted in 5 of us tap-dancing in the queue. Don’t ask…

After rehearsal I went and got Chipoltle with Sydney. If there is one thing that England is missing it’s Chipoltle. It’s sort of like really yummy healthy(ish) fresh mexican food, I think. St Albans needs one desparately. It does tacos and Burritos (which I have to pronouce ‘Buh-ree-doh’ or they don’t understand me) After that we got icecream then we just drove around for a bit. We went to Hannah’s got in her car and then drove a bit more. There’s not really that much to do here as you can guess.In the end we ended up at the local Kroger (supermarket) where we met pretty much everyone I knew. Yep, you heard right, the place to be at 10.30 on a saturday night in Ohio is the local supermarket carpark. This is a very cool place to live.      

Even though there isn’t loads to do here, I am enjoying the level of freedom compared to back home. Everyone I know lives really close by and everyone here drives, so getting around is incredibly easy and quick. It’s also safe as well and so Mum doesn’t have to worry quite as much as she did. Needless to say I like it a lot. Where we live is exactly the environment that I wanted to grow up in. Even Hamish is loving the freedom, he has a friend who lives right next door and they play at our house, his house, by the creek and at the park almost constantly.

It’s weird thinking that this time last year this was everything I wanted and now I’m living it. I turn 17 tomorrow and if you took me back a year and told me about what i’m doing now I never would have believed you. Yet here I am and believe it or not I actually love it. So here is to another year of surprises and making this one as good as the last.