PSAT, Pumpkins and Paxo

It’s been a hectic week of Isla-ing around and so you’ve had to wait a while for this post, sorry, to make up for it I’m going to condense a whole week of antics into a bitesize chunk.

Monday commemorated 17 years of my existence on this planet which was very exciting, I got notes from home and birthday wishes from everyone. I got some cute birthday notes from my friends and a stream of pictures of Philip Schofield from Lucy (don’t ask). Although, much to my annoyance it was ‘Columbus day’ and so the postal service was out of action. After school My friends took me to Wendy’s for the first time which was yum although I felt like a complete fatty getting chips at 3pm. After rehearsal my family and I went out for dinner at this fondu place and I don’t think I’ve ever inhaled so much chocolate in one sitting.

On Wednesday I had to endure the PSAT, a formal exam taken in order to practice the question type of the SAT (big exam that determines your uni place). From taking this exam I learnt two things: a) Americans don’t do joined up handwriting b) that urban children don’t know what cows are. Let me explain; before the exam started they made us write a statement to say it was you/you weren’t cheating etc in ‘cursive’ (joined up handwriting) and the whole room threw a complete wobbly! Everyone here writes in print and so none of them could do it properly; I re-wrote the sentence in about 30seconds and it took everyone else about 5 miniutes! The test itself was really odd, it was part maths part english reading and grammar. There was this long reading bit about how urban children didn’t know what a cow looked like but knew what a giraffe was and another section about a man who fell in love with his translator. I don’t understand Americans.

Not only do people have orange vegetables on their door steps but they are also putting pumpkins in and on everything else. They are obsessed! I’ve seen pumpkin cakes, candles, breads, coffee, ‘candy’, donuts, chocolate, it’s in everything. The infuriating thing about the whole ordeal is that they don’t even taste of pumpkins! It is all winter spice without even a hint of the orange vegetable!

We were lucky enough to get a long weekend so we’ve spent the past few days in Florida. After living in America for a few months, being here makes more sense. For example I understand the shops better so the combination of outlet malls and lower taxes has meant this weekend has been a shopping frenzy. Orlando is a british tourist hotspot during October and the amount of British voices i’ve heard has been a relief, it also means that the British part of the ethnic aisle in Walmart is roughly 3 times the size of the one in Ohio. This managed to cause complete food madness this afternoon and resulted in us buying an abundance of British chocolate and two boxes of Paxo sage and onion stuffing which mum is planing to take back with us tomorrow (for the ‘2 roast chickens we’ll probably have before Christmas’)



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