Thursday’s Child

I’m still suffering from the after effects of Homecoming. I have a severely pained throat – which I blame entirely on screaming the lyrics to ‘wrecking ball’ and I’m still mentally scarred from the things that I whitnessed (too many hormones in one room). Although I did manage to significantly scare my family on saturday night. I popped home before the dance to change into my vans before the dance, I dont do heels – I can’t run, skip or walk in them, so I left my shoes on the kitchen floor. So, my mother comes home from dinner out with the family, sees my shoes and immediately assumes the worst; that I have taken my own life (I kid you not). She then proceeded to check every single room in the abode, with the whole family in tow, in fear I was hanging from a ceiling fan. I think the Americas have changed her more than they have changed me.

Rehearsals are still as fun as ever. I find myself counting down the hours to them everyday, it’s not like i’m keen or anything. The words that they use to describe stuff in drama are weird here too. For example; today the singing teacher told this guy that his character was more ‘Spunky’. I was taken completely by surprise and fell over in giggles. No-one else found this nearly as amusing as I did. Apparently this is normal vocabulary for Americans?! I’ve also been the subject of ridicule this week for calling the ‘back yard’ a ‘garden’. This Americans with their spangled phrases. Lessons in this country are equally as odd. For example; today I spent one and a half hours standing in a stream. I don’t really mind though. Appart from the fact that I was wearing size 7 wellies and had a coughing fit mid-stream which resulted in me almost falling on my bum. My illness/cold/flu/death bug has deeply effected my daily life this week. I’m almost 97% sure that I have the actual plague.

So tonight I descovered that improv is not my forte, sadly it was in front of an audience that I made this descovery. An audience that I don’t really whish to see again for a while, but apparently it’s ‘necessary’ that I return to school tomorrow morning. My drama class held our own improvisation show tonight (think, ‘who’s line is it anyway’ but less rude with questionable acting). In order to raise money for the trip to Scotland next summer. It was really fun and I had a nice evening – appart from when I was on stage trying my hardest not to cringe.

I spend my time here trying to accomplish small goals. For example; today marks 7 days without crying. An achievement which my mother and I celebrated this evening with Pizza and ice-cream. I know it’s only a small time but it’s the longest I’ve managed in the last two months. I have also reduced my netflix dependance 10 fold. I’m slowly getting there, as my Dad puts it ‘you dont eat the chocolate all in one go or you’ll be sick, so you have to take it one piece at a time’. 


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