Participation and Involvement

I have no idea what a peron who lives in New Albany is called (A New Albaner? A New Albainier? A New Albanite?!) Well whatever it is I’ve tried to be an active one this past weekend. To immerse myself in the culture so to speak.

So on friday night I took my sister to the football game, she’d never been before so I thought she should go. I also had nothing better to do and thought I would probably meet someone I knew there anyway. The theme was red, so I wore my Buckeye [Ohio State University] jumper (after all it is my local ‘collage’). Lorna loved it! She was so excited, more than I was at my first game. She’d only been to the stadium once before so it was quite a shock for her to see it all so full and so busy. She saw a couple of her friends but we stayed together as it felt right and she couldn’t exacty tell them how excited she was with the whole thing. She kept seeing things and shouting and giggling and pointing and it was adorable to watch. We shared a huge pretzle as she marvled at the cheerleaders and especially the marching band. In a weird way it was actually nice just spending sometime with just the two of us. I have an odd sort of relationship with her that fluctuates between her being my best friend and me not wanting her to breathe near me.

After the game my friend Hannah, who is in my english class, invited me to go and ‘hangout’ (they actually use that word) with her and her friends. It was such a nice evening and I am so glad I went. There were 8 of us in total and we sat in her friend Rachel’s basment and chatted for ages. I was a bit out of my comfort zone at the start as i only really knew Hannah and Parker from my Drama class but after a while I just felt like I fitted in.

On Saturday I had my first dance rehearsal for the school musical. It was intense. We managed to get the first dance number nailed in about an hour and a half. I wouldn’t call it easy tap dancing either, Lorna has done tap since she was 7 and she can’t do some of the steps. That is one thing that I’ve learnt about America though, they really like to throw you in at the deep end. If they want to teach you something they don’t take it slow at all they throw you in deep and expect you to catch on as fast as you can. I think that it’s so much better for you though.

Today we went to the ‘New Albany Classic’. It is essentially a show jumping event, although, it has an atmosphere similar to a county show (minus the cows and the WI). It was a nice day out, we stuck together as a family and went into some tents, watched some horses, went on some rides, ate some foods etc. Ariana Grande performed which was sweet aswell. I reckon the majority of New Albany was there, Lorna and I kept seeing familiar faces, Mum bumped into people she knew, Hamish found his friends from football and Ish saw work mates. And now, as a result of my weekend of participation and involvement in New Albany life though games, the musical, events and friendships I do now feel like I could actually live here. 


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