For the last couple of posts I have only really been explaining what I’ve been upto. So, in this post I’m going to attempt to explain what New Albany itself is like and what it’s like to live here as, lets be honest, you have no idea where I am!

If I start with the basics, I’m currently living in a suburb of Columbus which is the capital of Ohio and is pretty much slap-bang in the middle of the state. The suburb that I live in is called New Albany and is to the north east of the city. New Albany is pretty much an exact copy of an English stereotype of an American suburb. When I first arrived I thought it all looked like ‘East Egg’ from Gatsby; completed with red brick buildings, white picket fences, red fire hydrents and those little post boxes at the end of your drive way. Everywhere is really green aswell, there is a golf course that winds it’s way between the houses making it all pretty in the summer. Though, It definately feels a bit Wisteria Lane and I often find myself reminding myself that I am not actually in an episode of Glee…

It’s exactly the sort of place I would have wanted to grow up as a small child – safe with a friendly community atmosphere. I swear to God that literally everyone knows eachother, it’s actually crazy. It’s like a massive tight-knit comunity. You mention someone in an off hand way and they can spout about 10 facts about them. When you go out for a run everyone says hi aswell, this is all well and good – but honestly, I dont want to speak to anybody when I’m red in the face and am dripping in sweat.

Everyone here is a little over-obsessed with sports too, everyone does some sort of sporting activity and you stand out a fair bit if you don’t. Everyone has one sport in which they specialise and spend upwards of 4 days a week practicing. It’s all becuase some of the biggest university scholarships go to those who are particularly good at sports. Everything here is quite intense though,even the school play rehearsals are from 3-6pm Mon-Thur and then 5 hours on a saturday! I won’t have time to think let alone tap-dance!


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