After the past couple of packed weekends I’m now 96% sure we have done everything central Ohio has to offer so this weekend we havent really done very much. Although, I’ll try my best to make my dull life seem as interesting as i can for your benefit. 

This evening we went out to the cinema, however this wasn’t your average cinema, this was a ‘dine-in’ cinema. This evening I went to a cinema that was also a resturant!  It was amazing, there was table service in the cinema. I had thai-mexican food (yes, that is a thing) whilst watching a film. As you can gather gather, i loved it. The film was brilliant too; we saw ‘The Butler’ which was about a butler at serving the White House during the civil rights movement. It’s a wonderful film and covers about 27% of the edexel GCSE history syllabus. It’s a great film, definately go and see it, however, if i were you I wouldn’t choose to take a 7 yearold old boy with you enless you want to endure being asked about the KKK on the journey home. (‘Mummy why were there men dressed as ghosts throwing fire at them?’) Yes, that did happen. No, we are not proud.  

Moving swiftly onwards, all of our rental furniture has now gone! This is a negative as well as a positive, we are now without many items of ferntiure that we actually need . For example, we are currently without a kitchen table so are forced to eat from the kitchen work surface, in the place where it should be we have put a high chair as to stop people walking into the low hanginging light fitting above – so far no casusalties. It’s nice having our possesions back, I missed my clothes a lot, not that i’ve worn any of the ones that were dilivered, they’re all old – no wonder I put them in sea freight! The best part about everything arriving is having my duvet back; sheets and blankets are just not as spiritually fulfilling. Yesterday, we had to go shopping for bedding and towels and general necessities that the rental men took with them, i’m now confident in saying i have visited every single shop that sells such things this side of Columbus. I used to love soft furnishings, Dunelm and Ikea used to be top on my list of weekend activities, not anymore. If I ever have to choose between shower curtains again I may have to kill somebody.

This past week I’ve been going through the process of autitioning for the school play, this year it’s 42nd street. That meant I had to tap-dance. To say my dancing went badly is an understatement. I never want to have to exicute a ‘time step’ again in my existance. I sung and acted as well but I was only very average. To my surprise I did gain a spot on the cast, i’m in the chorus but that doesn’t bother me. Although I would hazard a guess that the chorus do a fair amount of tap-dancing onsidering the plot is about a chorus putting on a tap musical…  


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