Pink, Point and Panic

After another packed weekend I’m seriously beginning to worry that we’ll have done all that Ohio has to offer within the first two months. It’s only been two days but it feels about a week since the last time I was in school.

So on Friday there was another football game and this time it was away. I had expected a similar atmosphere to last week but I couldn’t have been more wrong. This week’s theme was neon so I went in a florescent pink T-shirt with my friend Sydney who was in lurid orange. Westerville High school’s car parks were heaving when we arrived and with nowhere to park it forced the two of us to walk from a neighbouring street in our neon- we didn’t exactly blend in.  The other school’s theme was ‘preppy’ which I’ve learnt is the usual theme for the schools we’re against as NAHS students are supposedly dress that way. It was so tense walking through all of these kids in ‘preppy’ outfits to get to our neon section on the opposite side, I was genuinely scared. The colour made it fairly obvious I didn’t go to Westerville and I was treated that way by the other school the whole evening. The rivalry was huge. As soon as we got to the florescent NAHS side all was well though. We ended up beating them as well. Ha. I’m starting to understand football a bit better, the score seems to go up in 7s and they are trying to get the ball to the end like in rugby. I still think they look ridiculous in their shoulder pads, although probably more normal than I did in neon pink.     

On Saturday we drove up to ‘Cedar Point’ which is a theme park about 2.5 hours north of here. It was crazy. The biggest roller-coasters that I have ever seen. You think Thorpe Park is big? You’ve seen nothing. There is a ride like stealth but twice as high and it has about double the amount of rides. It’s insane. Oh and did I mention that we were one of the only ones allowed in in the morning or that we had free tickets and drinks all day? It was a treat from Ish’s work! I beasted out a fair few big rides and Lorna didn’t. Towards the end of the day the evening activities started to open up and one of these was the haunted house called ‘eternity infirmary’. Knowing about this type of attraction and more specifically the SAW maze, I opted out of this one. However, mum and Ish didn’t have any idea what was going to be inside so thought it would be a great idea to take the kids in. It wasn’t. From what I can gather, the time they spent inside mainly consisted of being harassed by ‘insane’ people, Lorna singing hymns to block it out, mum screaming in terror and crying ‘I have a young child’, Ish trying to run out whilst being held back by everyone and Hamish laughing.

We spent last night at a hotel close to the theme park called Kalahari which had an African theme. There were animals everywhere which Hamish loved and there was a buffet full of food which I loved. The hotel was huge it had an arcade, bowling alley, indoor glow-in-the-dark mini golf and the biggest indoor waterpark in the USA. It was pretty darn cool. Although Lorna and I did have to share a bed, which is normal when we go away, however, this time Lorna brought a giant teddy bear along. Which resulted in both Lorna and I receiving minimal covers as the bear took most of the space in the bed.     


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