Food glorious food

Whilst everyone at home had a stressful first day back at school I was sitting by my pool in the sun. As it is a major Jewish holiday today I was lucky enough to get the day off school as a large proportion of those whom abide in New Albany are of the Jewish faith. This worked greatly to my advantage as I got loads of bits of stuff done. For example; I slept a lot, I contemplated doing my homework, I went for a run, I thought about homework, I watched supernatural, I looked at my homework book from a distance etc. It was a highly productive day.

Having said this, I did go out for lunch with a girl in my grade and her family who were really nice. Her name is Allison and her and my mom are friends whilst Lorna sits with her younger sister at lunch. They are also about to get a dog called ‘Merlin’ and I think that is possibly the best name for a dog ever. She also has a half decent taste in music – this made me very happy. We went to this place called ‘Panera’ which does soups and bread and salad and lunch food. It was yum, like perfect lunchy goodness. It is now on my list of places to go for food. My list is rapidly increasing as there are so many eateries here. They don’t seem to do any microwaveable ready-meals but instead go out for quick cheap food which tastes good but usually isn’t particularly good for you.   

This evening, after dinner, I took my family out to ‘yogeez’ the fro-yo place I went after the football and they loved it. There are about 20 different flavours of frozen yougart to choose from and you can test as many different flavours as you’d like before choosing. Then you get given this bucket-sized bowl which you can fill with as many flavours and as many toppings as you want. It’s great, they have crazy flavours like pretzel and birthday cake but they all taste so good! I seriously worry that I’m going to gain so much weight by living here. Someone told my mum that the average person who moves here gains 10 pounds over the first 6 months! Eeeeeeek!  

It’s all okay though as I went for a run this morning. Although, I did walk a fair portion of it… As it turns out, as well as being an ace safari guide, my brother is also a daemon at running. Mum and I took him out this morning as he wanted to give it a go for the first time. Mum and I struggled to keep up, he did 5km at a good speed in the heat. He’s now left me jealous of his youth.


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