Originally I was only going to tell you what I had done today – as I could easily fill a post with today’s antics – however on second thought I decided against it (as the only person who would genuinely be interested in my expidition into the wilds of Ohio would be my grandad!). So instead i’m going to try and tell you about my whole weekend as that is marginally more interesting.

my weekend started on friday night at the [american] football. Everyone here is really involved in the football, even at high school level. My school has a massive football pitch with stands on each side – someone tolde me it had an 8000 person capacity – but that could just be an urban myth. At every home game all of the students go out in full force to support the team in whatever dress code is picked for that game. Lucky for me, this weeks theme was camoflage.

It was crazy! Everyone I had seen or met at school was there filling the stands with people, it was like being part of a giant New Albany Army. I had absolutely no idea what was going on on the pitch – the whole consept of men wearing shoulder pads and tights running around baffles me. But I joined in with the oooh-ing and chanting regardless. It was exactly what I had imagined; cheerleaders at the front, the stands throbbing with chants, I loved it. Well until about half way through, when we (Lauren, Avery and I) got bored and went to get frozen yogurt instead!

On saturday someone (Hamish) decided that it would be a great day to go to the zoo. It wasn’t. I have never experienced humidity like it – I had to take refuge with the manatees. The zoo was great, I just wouldn’t reccomed trecking around it when it’s 30 degrees and cloudy outside. It turns out that my 7 year old brother is a safari guide, I swear he must absorbe animal facts, never have I heard such odd, yet correct, facts in one day – let alone from Hamish!

I designated sunday to homework, that was not a fun day. Although we did find a curry house in the evening which made us all happy, especially Lorna who ended up ordering a dosa bigger than her whole body!

Today was Labor day and so we went on an adventure into the Ohio wilderness, otherwise known as Hocking Hills about an hour and a half south of where we live. Mum was craving a walk and we had been told that this was the best place to go. It didn’t dissappoint! My inner-geographer was released and I have never been in such awe of a landscape. We walked down this large gorge with water falls running all the way down and steep cliffs on both sides. It was just stunning.


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