After a month here in my new home, I decided that it was about time that I started to tell you all what I’ve been up to and how my life has changed since moving continent. So many people have asked me what it’s been like and what i’m up to that I felt it would just be easier if I told everyone in the same place!

Back in December, when I was told we could be moving to America, I had never been more thrilled. For me, Ohio was the equivelent of outermongolia – began with the same letter and sounded just as exotic.  Images of High School Musical and Mean Girls ran through my mind and I don’t think I could have been more excited. Since then everything has been up in the air and only just now begining to settle. 

I’ve been going to school for 2 weeks now and in an odd way i’m glad we started so early. Sitting in a town where you don’t know anyone but your family is fine for a week, but they really do start to irritate you after a while (There is only so much one can take).

School has probably been the biggest change for me. Going from a private all girls school in Hertfordshire to a mixed american state school in suburban Columbus is not as easy as it sounds. Both have their positives and negatives; for example I thought I was going to love not wearing a uniform. I don’t. Trying to muster up enough brain power to pull together an addiquate outfit at 6am in half light without a full length mirror is not fun. I really do miss that awful stripy shirt and mouldy blue skirt.

Everything here is just as I had expected. Everyone seems really friendly and they absolutely love British accents – which works greatly to my advantage. The most common question I get asked is not your average ‘have you met the queen?’ but rather ‘have you met one direction?’ – they have well and truely taken over. My favourite question by far though was ‘do you guys actually have a ‘tea time’?’ – they genuinely think that at some point during the day Brits all stop and drink tea together!        


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      I would like to add some but I’m just getting used to how wordpress works – as soon as i’ve worked out how to upload them i’m sure i’ll post loads!


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